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Loud Spotify Playlists on a Friday Night with The Mean


The one thing I don’t love about Spotify Repeat Playlists is they only have music that I’ve recently listened to. Despite that, I LOVE the fact it’s full of dope music that I’ve recently listened to!!! Time to dive into this dopeness.

‘What You Know – T.I.

This track just makes me feel like a bad mother fucker when it comes on. Also, helps me get through the toughest minutes of a cardio session. My favorite T.I. song and the only one on my Spotify playlists.

‘Conditioning’ – Ghostface Killah

From GFK’s latest album Ghostface Killahs, this track makes it clear he hasn’t lost a Wallabee covered step on the mic. Ghost is still gutter.

‘Iron Claw’ – Czarface w/ Ghostface Killah

Another Ghostface entry but this one comes from super group Czarface. Czarface is comprised of New England hip hop legends 7L & Esoteric and Wu Tang atomic bomber Inspectah Deck. This shit is aptly titled as the beat immediately iron claws your face off.

‘Luchini AKA This Is It’ – Camp Lo

Camp Lo is the epitome of hip hop smooth. I feel fresher just by listening to this track. It’s one of those hip hop classic that you absolutely can’t say anything bad about. Underground heads love it. Mainstream fans love it equally. It’s a beautiful thing. This is it…what???

Ju$t – Run the Jewels feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha

This song is an anthem. Probably the anthem that reflects 2020’s vibe best. When this track drops, I feel like taking out my cardboard BLM sign and begin marching again. This is the soundtrack of the revolution. It’s also one of my favorites to boom through the sub with as I roll through a suburban neighborhood.

Listen Now to the Full Spotify Playlist

Hope you enjoyed some selections from my Spotify Repeat Playlists. You listen to this playlist and other Spotify playlists by starting here:

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