Organic Cannabis with Matthew Friedlander of Skagit Organics


Matthew Friedlander is the owner and CEO of Skagit Organics, a state licensed cannabis company founded with the purpose of serving the medical cannabis community within the Washington State recreational market.

Skagit Organics is a processor of high-quality flower and alcohol extracted cannabis oils in Washington State. Their mission is to create clean consistent cannabis products for the discerning recreational and medical consumer while engaging with their community in positive ways that benefit the cannabis industry as a whole.

They have worked hard to earn the trust of MMJ patients and recreational consumers in Washington. They show this through their dedication to creating clean consistent cannabis products by offering DOH compliant RSO, pesticide testing all their extracts, and offering individualized patient consultations in collaborating with Northwest Natural Consultants.

Skagit Organics is a leader in the cannabis industry and committed to community engagement through our work with The Cannabis Alliance and their membership with the local Chamber of Commerce.

Their goal is to normalize cannabis through positive engagement with their local community while helping to improve the laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry as a whole.

Matthew Friedlander, Chief Executive Officer at Skagit Organics

Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst & host of your cannabis business podcast.

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