Texas Delta 8 Returns To Grey-Zone Legality After Texas DHS Appeals Injunction


On Wednesday afternoon, DSHS filed a notice of appeal on the delta-8 decision that was handed down Monday morning of this week.

That action from the state puts delta-8 and other hemp-derived THC isomers back on the state’s 2021 list of controlled substances.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is proposing to completely deschedule a cocaine-derived substance used in evaluating Parkinson’s disease—while it refuses to alter marijuana’s strict Schedule I status.

Some Virginia Republican lawmakers say they’re open to moving ahead with legal recreational marijuana sales when the party takes control of the House of Delegates and governor’s office next year—perhaps even on an expedited basis as compared to Democrats’ previous plans.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) said he is not planning a special session on medical cannabis legislation soon.

Montana House Democrats tweeted, “MT House Dems & @MTSenateDems are working hard to make sure that marijuana legalization rolls out safely & smoothly on January 1.”

The Leon County, Florida Commission scheduled a workshop on the possible decriminalization of marijuana for March 22.

An Illinois representative said it’s unfair that people living in state-run veteran’s homes are unable to use medical cannabis.

Mexico’s Senate president is blaming the U.S. for failed marijuana criminalization laws as legislators in the country work to craft a legalization bill they hope to pass by the end of next month.

A study demonstrated “the beneficial effect of CBD treatment on autoimmune neuroinflammation.”


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