Transforming Hemp Production – Jahan Peston Jamas (Co-founder, Boheco)


Jahan is the co-founder of Bombay Hemp Company (Boheco), an industrial and medical hemp production company. In this episode he spoke about dealing with regulation, leveraging technology, operating in a nascent space and more in his interview with Roshan Cariappa.

Key highlights:
00:00 Introduction
01:26 Going from Idea to Product to Company
07:31 Being early in a market
15:57 Customer acquisition at Boheco
24:11 Logistics of Farm to Future
31:08 Dealing with Regulation
38:38 Working with Farmers and Artisans
45:52 How is Boheco leveraging technology
51:44 Top 2-3 things to remember while operating in a nascent space
56:23 Working together with 7 founders
01:00:25 High level challenges Jahan is solving
01:03:59 Jahan’s Books and Podcasts recommendations
01:05:28 Closing Remarks


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